PMPT Marries AI

Yesterday I posted a brief note to let you know I got back in the market due to some Flags posted by an AI firm. The company is AlgoDynamics in London and they are sponsoring a webinar in New York. Here is the link if you wish to attend: I have been working closely with them and Dr. Ronjon Nag, director of the R42 institute. Our findings call into question some of the basic tenets of Portfolio Theory. It is my pleasure and privilege to be working with them on this research project.

About Frank Sortino

Frank Sortino is finance professor emeritus from San Francisco State University and Director of the Pension Research Institute which he founded in 1981. For 10 years he wrote a quarterly analysis of mutual funds for Pensions and Investments Magazine and he has written two books on the subject of Post Modern Portfolio Theory. He has been a featured speaker at many conferences in the U.S., Europe, South Africa, and the Pacific Basin. Dr. Sortino received his Ph.D in Finance from the University of Oregon and has carried out research projects with many institutions like Shell Oil, Netherlands and The City and County of San Francisco Retirement System.
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