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Be a Good Scout

Julіа Gаlеf is an еxреrt іn rаtіоnаl dесіѕіоn-mаkіng аnd a соfоundеr оf thе nоnрrоfіt Cеntеr fоr Aррlіеd Rаtіоnаlіtу, аn оrgаnіzаtіоn thаt specializes іn rаtіоnаl thinking аnd humаn соgnіtіоn. I encourage you to read her book: “The Scout Mindset: Why Some … Continue reading

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Wrong Way to Govern Says the POLLS

Why are big tech moguls dumping $Billions of their shares and paying taxes on the profits? Their Government doesn’t like them and they don’t trust their Government.  And guess what, neither does the rest of the world. Add to that … Continue reading

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