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About Frank Sortino

Frank Sortino is finance professor emeritus from San Francisco State University and Director of the Pension Research Institute which he founded in 1981. For 10 years he wrote a quarterly analysis of mutual funds for Pensions and Investments Magazine and he has written two books on the subject of Post Modern Portfolio Theory. He has been a featured speaker at many conferences in the U.S., Europe, South Africa, and the Pacific Basin. Dr. Sortino received his Ph.D in Finance from the University of Oregon and has carried out research projects with many institutions like Shell Oil, Netherlands and The City and County of San Francisco Retirement System.

Problems, Problems

Which is worse: Covid-19 or the massive debt problem?  neither, it is knowing I have to take my wife into Stanford hospital for surgery next week and knowing there are currently 10 cases of coronavirus there and more expected next … Continue reading

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Portfolio Navigation Works Again

My portfolio is now 8% above where it was on February 21st when I published “The Last Straw” article, instead of waiting to break even.

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Nothing is as Bad as it Looks: 351,372 15,263

As of 7:00 am yesterday I was 83% in equities. The reasons: My DTR changed to 10%  I ran the numbers On Bloomberg Corona Update and found this:         351,372  were confirmed Cases and 15,263 were deaths … Continue reading

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Has Trump Ever Had A Stock Portfolio?

Trump: “I don’t want to have stock buybacks,” he said Friday at a White House news conference. “I don’t like buybacks. I didn’t like them the first time.” Why? Because Biden said that is what he would do?  I agree, … Continue reading

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Famous Sayings

If you can keep your wits about you when all around are losing theirs, you’re crazy…but right.   If everyone in your government is in agreement, they are probably wrong. If all governments are in agreement, they are definitely wrong.

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So, What to Do?

The very first video located on the right hand side of this page is about the importance of calculating one’s DTR (Desired Target Return).  As my personal DTR has increased from 4% to 8%, due to the excessive and irrational … Continue reading

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A Perspective

Who was stupid enough to buy this morning?  C’est moi .  Yes, I had a buy order in for SPY at 286 and it executed at 275.  I am now at 60% in SCHO and 23% in 4 tech stocks … Continue reading

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