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We’ve Been Here Before

Yes, the news is all about inflation and the crashing financial markets. War in the Ukraine is a distant 3rd place as far as forthcoming elections are concerned. To put this in perspective, I recommend the book that the following … Continue reading

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1 Parking Place Left @ VCSH

Five of the 9 SPY ETF Segments now have a negative Upside Potential Ratio (search this site for definition). That means, they have more downside risk than upside potential. Which ones are they? XLC, XLY, XLF, XLI and XLU.

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There’s a Hole in Our Ship of State

It was caused by trade Wars. If we don’t fix it we are going to sink. Buying bicycles from China is not going to do it. Stop Hating China! Stop Hating Each Other! Fire all those ideologues who preach hatred … Continue reading

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Shark Attack

Everybody outa the Water!

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