Media was Right…but so were Flags

Yesterday at 10:00 am PT we received two down flags from Algodynamix and sold 70% of our portfolio holdings on our R42 AI Equity Hedge Fund (Not available to the Public). That is not standard portfolio management and you will find the vast majority of portfolio managers believe in the old buy & hold practice. The AI program we use does not watch economic forecasts or listen to the talking heads on TV. But it does watch EVERY TRADE taking place in the futures market and bases its flag decisions on behavioral finance principles embedded in the code. I admit, I could not get myself to sell 70% of my portfolio, but I did sell 40% of it. Old habits die hard, as the guru said.

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Wrong Again!

This is when you should have sold!

The media is scaring investors and Biden is listening to the wrong people and talking to the wrong person.

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Stanford University AI Driven Investing Class

Registrations opens February 22nd for the investing class Ronjon and I will be teaching

Live online course in Stanford Continuing Studies,  Bus 104: Investing in the 2020’s – Stocks, Bonds, Venture Capital, Crypto and Beyond , starts March 28th, taught by Frank Sortino, PhD and Ronjon Nag, PhD

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No Market for Mere Mortals!

This has been the craziest market I can remember in my past umpty ump years. If you look back at the many in and out postings this year you will see that I fared pretty well. However, I can not take full credit. A fair share of the credit goes to the other people in the August 24th posting, Dr. Ronjon Nag and Dr. Jeremy Sosabowski. They are the people responsible for introducing me to artificial intelligence.

Come March 28th, Ronjon and I will be offering a portfolio management course at Stanford University that begins with where we began: he, with AI, me, with portfolio theory. It concludes with our current attempts to develop an AI driven portfolio management framework that is not available to the public. I will post the Zoom course outline on Wednesday.

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Time to get back in the water

I agree with Bloomberg, attacking tech companies is a stupid idea, but remember, this is our congress talking and talking is what they do well. They will still be talking about it in 2024. Inflation is the real and eminant threat. But there are companies that can pass on the costs to consumers. Buy them at support levels.

A Bipartisan Bad Idea

Congress’s attack on tech companies would harm consumers, workers and the economy.

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Yes, I Got Stopped Out

I will spend the next 7 weeks teaching a Zoom class with Dr. Ronjon Nag for Stanford beginning March 28th. Don’t know when I will get back to this blog. My best wishes to all.

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Man the Barriers

I just put stop loss orders in on tech stocks.

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It’s About Time!

U.S. prosecutors will likely urge a judge to drop an indictment against an MIT professor charged a year ago with receiving federal grant money but failing to disclose his ties to China, according to people familiar with the matter.

The reversal in the case of Gang Chen, a nanotechnology expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, comes as the Justice Department is reviewing its policy of investigating and prosecuting cases of economic espionage intended to benefit China. 

We desperately need people like Gang Chen if we are going to remain competitive. The FBI Witch hunt should end. We don’t have to like someone’s philosophy or form of government to do business with them.

Talk about timing. Did you jump in the market yesterday when there was blood on the streets of Silicon Valley? I know an algorithm that did.

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Forget the economic recovery. Buy Tech @ a Discount!

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Pack Your Snorkeling Gear & Get Ready

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